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* 第11回 論理と計算セミナー [#w9d0acb8]



*** 日時&場所(予定) [#x1321e70]
 日時: 2013年 10月 26日 (土) 13:00~
 場所: リファレンス駅東ビル4階 会議室R

*** プログラム [#l0c3c66f]
 13:00-13:30 石田俊一(九産大)
 13:30-14:15 河原康雄(九大名誉教授)
             Logic vs. Cellular Automata
 14:45-15:15 平井洋一(産業技術総合研究所) 
             Formalizing Surreal Numbers and Combinatorial Games
 15:15-15:45 中正和久(信州大学 理工学研究科)
             Introduction to Mizar and Mathematical Knowledge Management
 15:45-16:15 田中久治(佐賀大)
             Realization of Automata and Sticker Systems in Coq
 16:45-17:45 Georg Struth(The University of Sheffield)
             Algebraic Approaches to Concurrency Verification
 18:30- 懇親会

*** 講演要旨 [#zbc9c332]
- Georg Struth(The University of Sheffield):Algebraic Approaches to Concurrency Verification&br;
概要:This talk surveys recent work on concurrency verification based on semirings and Kleene algebras. I will demonstrate how inference rules of concurrent separation logic and the rely/guarantee method can be derived in this setting. I will  also discuss the link between these algebras and semantics for concurrency, including shuffle languages, partially ordered multisets,  and generalised relational semantics. Much of this work relies on mechanised reasoning and automated counterexample generation, and I will point out how this technology can be used for formalising mathematics and building software verification tools.
- 平井洋一(産業技術総合研究所) :Formalizing Surreal Numbers and Combinatorial Games
- 中正和久(信州大学 理工学研究科):Introduction to Mizar and Mathematical Knowledge Management
- 河原康雄(九大名誉教授):Logic vs. Cellular Automata&br;
概要:命題論理とCA の類似点と融合を考える。
- 石田俊一(九産大):TBA
- 田中久治(佐賀大):Realization of Automata and Sticker Systems in Coq

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