13th ALGI (Algebra, Logic, Geometry and Informatics)

        16-20 December 2002
        Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
        Kyoto University

        First Call for Participation and Presentation

ALGI is a series of seminars on applications of algebra, logic and
geometry to informatics, and also on applications of informatics to
these areas of mathematics.   Its home page at

contains some information on ALGI and past meetings.

The next ALGI meeting will take place at RIMS, Kyoto University from
16th to 19th December 2002.  This time the meeting features both the
regular contributed talks and some tutorial talks on recent topics by
invited speakers.  The tentative invited speakers include

        Satoko Itaya            (ATR)
        Hitoshi Ohsaki          (AIST)
        Makoto Kikuchi          (Kobe)
        Misao Nagayama          (Tokyo Woman's Christian Univ.)
        Atsushi Shimojima       (JAIST)
        Alex Simpson            (Edinburgh / Kyoto)

- - There is no registration fee nor registration process, so far as you
  do not intend to give a talk; just come to RIMS and attend the talk.

- - If you intend to give a talk, please send your title, abstract, the
  language you use (English or Japanse, please) and time you need to
  Hitoshi Furusawa <hitoshi.furusawa@aist.go.jp>.

- - The talk (hence also the title and abstract) is preferrably to be
  given in English, but we consider to make a talk session(s) in
  Japanese as well.

- - We plan to publish lecture notes as a volume of the RIMS proceedings
  series ("Kokyuroku").  After the meeting, speakers are kindly asked
  to submit a paper based on his/her talk.  The deadline for the paper
  is currently scheduled at the end of Feburuary 2003.

- - We assign the talk slot by first-come-first-served basis and will stop
  to accept the talk offer as soon as all slots will be filled in, so
  early contact is recommended for the speakers.

- - The meeting will start in the afternoon of the first day.  Whether
  the meeting will continue to the afternoon of the last day depends
  on the number of regular talks.

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13th ALGI Organizers

Hitoshi Furusawa (AIST)
Masahito Hasegawa (Kyoto)
Yoshiki Kinoshita (AIST)
Izumi Takeuti (Toho)
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